Young Alumni Achievers Nomination

While we celebrate the achievements of our current students, Emmanuel College also values contributions made by our students of the past. We are very proud of how they model Emmanuel College values through their ideas, passion, and achievements. Among the thousands of students that have passed through our doors, a great diversity of paths have been followed and mastered, and many going on to help shape our College and lead the communities we live in and serve.    

 In 2019 we added to the now well-established Inspiring Alumni by acknowledging the achievements of our younger alumni who are achieving highly in the early stages of their careers and are making significant contributions to the community.  Their energy and hard work are wonderful examples for Emmanuel students past and present.  Help us to uncover these amazing people by nominating them to be Young Alumni Achievers.  

 Young Alumni Achievers are those alumni under the age of 35 who have: 
  • Graduated from, or received a substantial portion of their education at, Emmanuel College. 
  • Demonstrated excellence or received recognition in their chosen field of endeavour; or exemplified the best attributes of giving and community spirit in today’s world. 
  •  Modelled strong social and Christian values, which is inspiring to others. 

To be considered for inclusion in the presentation of the 2021 Young Alumni Achievers, nominations must be submitted before Friday 29th January 2021.  Successful nominations will be recognised alongside our Inspiring Alumni inductees at the Emmanuel College Evening of Inspiration. 

Nominations can be made online here: Young Alumni Achiever Online Nomination

Click here for a printable nomination form 

For all information regarding he policy and the process Download the Young Alumni Achievers Nomination Process.

If you require any guidance to complete your nomination, please contact Candice Hampstead on 03 5560 0845 or at 

2019 Recipients

 Peter Cho – Class of 2006

 Edwina Goodall - Class of 2010

 Virginia McCormick (Moloney) – Class of 2008

 Emma McDowall – Class of 2007

 Liam O’Keeffe – Class of 2003

 Nathan Sobey – Class of 2008

 Aimee Timpson (Uebergang) - Class of 2002